Advisory Committee (In alphabetical order)

Wolfram ELSNER (University of Bremen, Germany)

Gerald FRIEDMAN (University of Massachusetts at Amherst, USA)

James Kenneth GALBRAITH (The University of Texas at Austin, USA)

Geoffrey HODGSON (Loughborough University, England)

Steve KEEN (University College London, UK)

Heinz Dieter KURZ (University of Graz, Austria)

Maria Cristina MARCUZZO (Accademica dei Lincei, Italy)

Deirdre Nansen McCLOSKEY (University of Illinois at Chicago, USA)

Mehmet ÖĞÜTÇÜ (Chairman, The London Energy Club, Turkey)

Antonella PALUMBO (Università Roma Tre, Italy)

Louis-Philippe ROCHON (Laurentian University, Canada)

Alessandro RONCAGLIA (Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei, Italy)

The theory of growth did not begin with my articles but perhaps they began with Adam Smith. Even Adam Smith could have predecessors.

Robert SOLOW