RePEcT aims to provide a quality standard of research and ethical behavior to scientists involved in the process in all the current and future activities.

RePEcT platform adopts the principle of contributing members to share their ideas, knowledge, and experiences with each other with the principles of professional ethics, honesty, and accuracy.

All members/participants involved in the platform confirm that they respect the race, gender, sexual orientation, religious belief, ethnicity, and intellectual independence of members.

It is essential that participants and members always respect each other in all academic activities to be carried out within RePEcT.

RePEcT participants and members are strictly committed to avoiding vulgar and unacceptable content, avoiding harassing and hateful speech, not sharing illegal content, and avoiding violent content.

These rules are designed to inspire and guide the ethical behavior of all our stakeholders who adopt the principle of sharing their “Economic Thought” studies on international academic platforms.


"Economics teaches humility because it teaches us more about what we can't do than what we can do"
Peter Joseph Boettke