Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of Honorary Committee it is a great pleasure to formally and cordially invite you to

International Symposium on Economic Thought (ISET) which will be held by The Research Platform on Economic Thought  (RePEcT). ISET is intended to be a forum for scholars to present and discuss ECONOMIC THOUGHT through the prism of socio-economic, socio-political and history. The Symposium aims to present economic research that highlights contemporary Economic Thought in line with its theory, history, sociology, philosophy, methodology, and politics. We hope that the presentations during the symposium will posititivly contribute to the ongoing debate and scholarship on the economic realities of our times. The Symposium is also aimed to perhaps influence economic policy making and academic pursuits as a broader objective . We would be honoured with your active participation in this symposium as a scholar.

With our best and sincere regards,

President of Symposium

Rahmi Deniz ÖZBAY (Marmara University, Turkey)

Honorary Chairs

İsmail COŞKUN (İstanbul University, Turkey)

Gerald FRIEDMAN (University of Massachusetts at Amherst, USA)

Heinz Dieter KURZ (University of Graz, Austria)

Alessandro RONCAGLIA (Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei, Italy)

I believe that what I and Bob Shiller are doing is nothing but just focusing on what role psychology plays in the macroeconomics.

George Akerlof